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Sat, 27 Jan


ICYER at Ananda Ashram

Yoga Therapy online (Level 1 foundation)

3 months 100hours online

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Yoga Therapy online (Level 1 foundation)
Yoga Therapy online (Level 1 foundation)

Time & Location

27 Jan 2024, 19:00 – 13 Apr 2024, 23:00

ICYER at Ananda Ashram, Mettu Street, 605104,, Chinamudaliar Chavadi, Tamil Nadu 605101, India

About the event

Yoga Chikitsa Teacher Training in Gitananda Yoga

Yoga Chikitsa could be termed “man’s first attempt at unitive understanding of mind-emotions-physical distress and is the oldest wholistic concept and therapy in the world”. Swamiji Dr Gitananda Giri Ji

Yoga understands health and well-being as a dynamic continuum of human nature and not merely a ‘state’ to be reached and maintained. Yoga helps the individual to establish sukha sthanam which may be defined as a dynamic sense of physical mental and spiritual well-being.” Dr. Yogachariya Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

Level 1. Yoga Chiktisha Online and Residential Teacher Training

Aims and Objectives:-

*This Sadhana and yoga therapy program will take you through some of the therapeutic Rishiculture Gitananda Yoga practices for your own healing and spiritual development

*To learn and experience Yogic therapeutic tools for our body, mind, psychic energy and karmic energy to heal ourselves and further share these tools with your students and Yoga therapy seekers.

*Developing further Yoga teaching, and Yoga therapy skills.

*Learning how to use Yogic ideas and principles as part of lifestyle changes and counselling for yourselves and your students.

Who this yoga therapy course is for:-

• Yoga teachers and health professionals

• Yoga seekers interested in personal healing and spiritual development.

• Interested in learning and practising traditional Gitananda Yoga Therapeutic Practices.


• Qualified Yoga Teacher in Gitananda Tradition at Ananda Ashram, Puducherry or trained under Senior Gitananda Yoga Mentors.

• Step By Step Course or other qualifications under guidance of Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani or Senior Gitananda Yoga Mentors

• Qualified Yoga Teacher or Health Professional

Yoga Therapy Course Tutors

*Guide, Mentor and Guru- Yogachariya Dr Ananda BalaYogi Bhavanani Ji

*Yoga Chikitsa Achariya, Organiser, Facilitator – Yogachariya Jnandev Giri

*Yogacharini Anandhi Korina from from Cyprus

What Program Includes:

-Studying the concepts and principles from Yogic and Hindu Scriptures.

-Correlating or understanding these concepts and principles in context with modern Science.

-Learning to use these tools and principles to develop yogic diagnosis and therapeutic protocols

-learning yogic kriyas, Prakriyas and their applications in context with each module.

Yoga Chikitsha Level 1 Outline for 100 Hours Online and 200 Hours Residential

100 Hours Online Yoga Chikitsa Starting January 27th 2024 till April 13th 2024

Program : Every Saturday 2PM to 5PM UK Times

2PM Yoga Chiktisa Concepts, principles and their applications

3PM Gitananda Yoga Chikitsa Practices

4PM Yoga Chikitsa Theory and Applications

Fee- (£600)

Optional :

200 Hours Residential Yoga Chikitsa Training 29th December 2023 to 17th January 2024 (£2200) at Ananda Ashram Puducherry India

Module 1 Aim – Understanding Yoga, Yoga Chikitisha, Swasthya and Concepts of Roga or Disease - Prerecorded and discussion

Module 1.1 Prerecorded

1. Yogic and ayurvedic concepts of disease (roga)

2. Swasthya – Holistic health

3. Spanda Nispanda concept of Therapeutic Hatha Yoga

Module 1.2. Prerecorded

4: Holistic Health management through Yoga

5: Ashtanga Yoga or Yoga of Eight Limbs

6. Jattis, Kriyas and Prakriyas as therapeutic practices and adaptations

Module 1.3. Mental Health and Yoga Chiktisa - Prerecorded and discussion

7. Pancha-Vrittis:- Five Types of Whirlpools of Mind

8. Kleshas: – the main causes of suffering

9. Yogic Kriyas and Prakriyas to transform our mental health -1

Module. 1.4 Prerecorded and discussion

10. Obstacles in Yogic Evolution and their remedies

11. Five States of Mind and how to enhance our mind and awareness

12. Hatha Yoga for Self-Healing

13. The 12 Point Yogic diagnostic Tools introduction

Module 2. The 12 Point Yogic Diagnosis and Yoga Therapy Protocol in Gitananda Yoga

14. Tri-dosha: Three Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)

15. Three Gunas and Cultivation of Health and Well-being

16. Vasanas – Past Impressions and Deep-Rooted Desires

17. Prana Vayus and Life Energy

18. Abhyasa Karma and Samaskaras – Deep rooted behaviour patterns and Habits

19. Jiva Karma – Lifestyle

20. Chetana, Yogic Psychology and mental health

21. Vacha or Speech

22. Ahara – food and eating habits

23. Buddhi, Intellect, attitude and life values

24. Sankalpa – Goals, Dreams and Life vision

25. Jiva-Vritti – Biological life patterns

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