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The book Yoga Questions & Answers gives the sincere and dedicated seeker of Yoga a great amount of information. It contains brief answers to so many questions that often come up in the mind, but don’t come out of the mouth.


Often the students are shy to ask questions as they fear being rebuked, or face embarrassment and hence do not express their doubts. This book enables them to nd the answers in an easy to read manner thus helping them grow better and in a more harmonious manner in their Yoga Sadhana.


It is vital that all modern seekers develop an understanding of Yoga as a conscious and evolutionary “way of life” as this is most often lost in the modern showbiz of “asana-like posture circuses” that abound. Unless one understands the transformative principles of Yoga, they will have merely the body but never understand and experience the spirit. (as quoted by Dr Ananda Bhavanani)


This book contains answers to 206 questions and concise answers that Yogachariya Jnandev Giri has been asked by students over his years of teaching authentic yoga.

Yoga Questions & Answers

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