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Karma Yoga - Volunteering

Meet Nadene and Marcio
Nadene's testimonial
Testimony here

Nadene joined the Ashram as a volunteer in October 2017 for two months. Nadeen is now joining us for her first Teacher Training Course in July 2018. We cannot wait to have our dearest Nadene back at the Ashram. 



Marcio's testimonial


Deepika, Jnandev, their beautiful sons and all my dearest friends I did here at the Ashram are family to me. 

It is with pleasure and love that I offer my time and skills to the service of Yoga and the kindness of my Yoga family. I've never felt so happy, so useful and thus fulfilled. 



Marcio joined the Ashram as a teacher trainee. Apart from his help in both Wales and Portugal Ashrams, he's been helping us bringing the message of yoga to a bigger audience. A dedicated Karma Yogi.


Talk to Marcio and Nadene.

Namaste and Welcome to Karma Yoga 

Karma Yoga is mindful action free from all the desires and expectations of fruits or outcomes. 


We have three beautiful boys to look after along with running yoga satsanga ashram. We welcome all the true yoga seekers to come and live with us in exchange to learn yoga and live yoga with us. 



We take volunteers on short-term for a week or two to begin and then we can sit down together to discuss if we right for each other if you are looking to stay at the ashram for a more extended period. 


Your tasks can be taking care of the kids, house and ashram cleaning, housekeeping, cooking, gardening, proofreading, etc. 




We provide food, accommodation and 3-4 weekly yoga classes in exchange for 5 hrs of karma yoga for six days per week. 


If you have other skills, please do share them with us.



If you are interested in Karma Yoga at the Ashram, please contact us 


Thank you for your message! We will get back to you ASAP.

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