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About Yoga Satsanga Ashram

Namaste Divine Self

Yoga Satsanga Ashram was founded by Surender Saini (Yogacharya Jnandev) and Sally Saini (Yogacharini Deepika) in 2009.


Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Wales is an authentic, traditional Yoga Centre in West Wales, offering residential yoga teacher training courses: 200hr yoga teacher training, 500hr yoga teacher training, pregnancy and children’s yoga teacher training, alongside classes, retreats and detox programs. We follow and teach Gitananda Yoga, an Authentic Ancient style of ashram based yoga training and Classical Hatha and Raja Yoga.


We are an Eco-Friendly Yoga Retreat Centre and Yoga Teacher Training School based in West Wales UK. Come and enjoy yoga in a beautiful and natural set up, full of prana or vital energy.


We are also in process of developing International Yoga Research and Study School in Portugal. 


The person of the world lives to learn – the Yogi learns to live!  The Yogic path in its true spirited form is for brave seekers who desire be physical, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy, strong and balanced. As Krishna says " Yoga is living in equanimity".


Yoga gives you all the tools, kriyas and prakriyas to practice, reflect, contemplate and meditate on becoming your true potential self. It is said it is easier to move a mountain or control the wind than to control our mind – but it is not impossible, and it is inevitable for each and everyone. But Patanjali says "dharnasch yojnata manas- means mind has the ability to concentrate or meditate". 


If you seeking to learn and practice authentic yoga, Please contact us or come and try! 


Aum Shanti!


  • The Teachers
Yogachariya Jnandev Giri
Surrender Saini
Yogacharini Deepika
Sally Saini
Caroline Partridge