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Yoga Teacher Training


If you have come to a point in your life where you want to learn more about Yoga, its roots and multitude of practices and glimpse the true magnitude of Authentic Yoga it may be time for you to take up a training course.  


Students enrol in courses for their own personal development or if they have a desire to teach and share these precious practices.  However, it is important to find the right course for you according to your personal aims and goals.


We are offering a beautiful traditional and authentic yoga experience. We teach yoga in an ancient ashram style, a community of like-minded souls seeking the universal truth.


We incorporate Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation Chanting and Bhajans, Yoga chikitsa/therapy and Hindu Philosophy in its practical and applied approach to improving our health and well being. 


Along with Asana or Hatha Yoga practice we also teach and practice Yamas and Niyamas (moral and ethical observances), Pranayama (energy work through the breath) is a particularly large and important part of our Paramparai, Jnanayoga kriyas (visualisation practices and relaxation techniques) Karma Yoga (selfless action or work for others).  You will find our courses are very in-depth.


We specialise in Advanced Teacher Training and enjoy working with already qualified yoga teachers in their further professional and personal development and sharing techniques that we only find in Indian Ashrams.


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If you are looking for a course that teaches only physical practice or asana 

we are not for you.  


If you are seeking to learn yoga in its

w-holistic way, come and visit us.

If you are interested in joining a yoga teacher training course with us, please contact us to arrange a taster day.


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