Retreats in Our Ashrams in Wales and Portugal

Our Retreats

Come and enjoy yoga in a beautiful and natural set up, full of prana or vital energy in our eco-friendly retreats.


We take advantage of the peaceful surroundings here to provide you with the perfect balm to a busy modern lifestyle if you are coming from an urban area! Being close to nature is an important part. The programs are highly structured; to make sure your energy is thoroughly transformed by the end of the retreat! We expect you will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed as classes address your specific needs and problems, suitable for beginners and advanced students of Yoga.


Retreat weekends involve hatha yoga, pranayama, optional bhajan singing, relaxation/free time, deep relaxation and the chance to book one-on-one treatments including reflexology and massage. Learn to prepare and enjoy healthy organic vegetarian food is also a highly enjoyable part of the retreats, with vegan cookery expert & yoga teacher, Helen.

Upcoming Retreats

  • Hatha Yoga Retreat Weekend
    Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Wales
    Aug 30, 2019, 5:00 PM – Sep 01, 2019, 2:30 PM
    Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Wales, Ardwyn Grange, Login, Whitland SA34 0UY, UK
    Relax slow down and unwind wth lots of hatha yoga, pranayama and yoga nidra deep relaxation, along with healthy vegetarian foods :-)
  • Yoga Sadhana in Portugal
    International Yoga Satsang Ashram
    Jun 01, 2020, 7:00 PM – Jun 14, 2020, 12:00 PM
    International Yoga Satsang Ashram, 6000 Benquerenças, Portugal
    Yoga practice in nature, good food and intensive sadhana
The Ashram, Wales

The Ashram, Wales

Welcome to Yoga Satsanga Ashram, West Wales, a home to learn, practice and live holisitic yoga and experience India.



Yoga begins on a strong foundation of Character and personality based on Yamas and Niyamas to evolve from lower to higher consciousness.



Life is an opportunity or blessing to learn, explore and experience through fulfilling our Dharma or duties.



Satsanga is gathering or companionship of souls searching for truth, following spiritual or yoga path.



Find quite place within to explore your true self and develop true potentiality through meditation and prayer.



Study scriptures and books guiding you on your spiritual path or life journey.

Yoga Satsanga Ashram is based in beautiful west Wales, surrounded by scenic views and green landscape. We are away from all the business and noises of modern traffic or machinery. 
Fresh air, greenery, and unspoiled nature provides us richest and subtlest form of prana or vital energies to nurture our body, mind and soul. 


morning yoga

morning yoga





We have a big team of spiritual and holistic yoga teachers to facilitate yoga retreats and workshops for all levels.
If you are looking for specialised yoga workshops for your individual needs at the ashram, please contact us.

Renting the Ashram, Wales

For Your Retreats

Host your Retreat at the Ashram


The Ashram is available for hire during certain times of the year when there are no other courses running we are happy to share this beautiful space for other Yoga retreats.


The Ashram is located in the fields of Login, West, Wales.


Magnificent view, peaceful, lush; nature is all around.


The facilities:

  • can sleep up to 10-12 people (shared rooms)

  • 3 bathrooms/showers (1 is external)

  • Yoga Hall

  • Kitchen (fully equipped)

  • Dining area/conservatory

  • Yoga Library

  • Gardens

  • Meditation Hut

  • Temple

  • Separate Teacher accommodation

  • centrally heated by biomass

  • wi-fi available


  • we have some contacts for chefs may you need one



Ardwyn Grange

Login, Whitland Carms SA34 0UY

Tel: 01437562200

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