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What Prior Experience do I need to become a Yoga teacher?


You will need to have minimum two years of yoga practice or experience to sign up for most yoga teacher training courses in UK. Along with your yoga experience it is also necessary to have interest in self-development and or helping others to be heathy and grow spiritually. 


What can I expect to learn on my Yoga Course?


Most Yoga Courses these days are primarily based on Hatha Yoga, in-depth knowledge and study of skeletal system and muscles, yoga teaching skills and some pranayama or breathing exercises. Yoga Courses at Yoga Satsanga Ashram in Sanatan Yoga – a branch of Gitananda Yoga you will learn wide range of Hatha Yoga practices in forms of Jattis – warm ups, Kriyas – a set of movement from asana to asana with breath awareness, asanas or static postures with focus points, mudras or gestures, pranayamas – various breathing techniques to enhance our pranic energy flows, relaxation or yoga nidra techniques. Further we follow in-depth study on yoga philosophy or life-style based on yoga sutras of Maharishi Patanjali, Bhagavat Gita, Vedas and Upanishads. We also practice Karma Yoga, Bhajanas and Mantra (bhakti yoga).  


Once qualified, where can I find work as a Yoga Teacher?


Once you successfully completed Yoga Teacher Training, UK you can start your own business as a self-employed or may work with locals gyms, yoga studios, local community organisations, health and fitness clubs etc. 



Is this an accredited Yoga Course?


Yes. Our Yoga courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals, UK and British Wheel of Yoga. 


What resources and support will you provide me on my Yoga Course?


These Yoga courses are directly taught by Yogachariya Jnandev, Yogacharini Deepika and there well trusted and trained yoga teachers. You will be provided all course materials and one to one discussions and as and when needed. Also we provide phone, whatsapp and email support during and after completion of yoga courses with us as a long term support. 


What is the best way to pay for my Yoga Course?


You can set a direct debit, or do a bank transfer as your yoga course fee. You can also bring cheque or cash if it helps paying fees for yoga course if you do not prefer bank transfers. 

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