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Sun, 06 Feb


Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training (100 - 500 hours certified in stages)

This will be an exciting opportunity to go deep into Pranayama Sadhana. learn and experience the science and control of the Prana and breath.

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Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training (100 - 500 hours certified in stages)
Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training (100 - 500 hours certified in stages)

Time & Location

06 Feb 2022, 09:00 GMT – 05 Jan 2023, 17:00 GMT

About the event

Pranayama Course and Pranayama Yoga Teacher Training

4-levels from 100hours – 500 hours certification (blended on-line and in person training options)

The 120 Yoga Pranayamas of the Gitananda Tradition / Rishiculture Ashtanga

This course is primarily for Yoga Teachers who wish to expand and deepen the knowledge and experience of Pranayama. It is well known that the Gitananda Yoga Tradition is the richest when it comes to Pranayama.


Yogacharini Deepika 

Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balyogi Bhavanani 

We are very humbled and fortunate that Yogamaharishi Dr Swami Gitananda Giri the great Pranayama master is blessing us to create and run this course through his son and successor Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani.


Course will be accredited by the:

·  International Centre for Yoga Education and research, India (ICYER)

·  Yoga Satsanga Ashram (YSA)

·  Indian Yoga Association (IYA)

·  Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP)


1 Sunday per month 10am – 5pm (6 hours teaching)

9am – 11am Hatha yoga for lung expansion

11:30 – 1:30pm Pranayama

1:30pm Lunch break

3pm – 5pm Theory with Dr Ananda

72 live stream / or in person

1 hour most weeks optional attend live or/pre recorded 

(=100 hours on line)

2 week in person residential additional 100 hours @ ICYER or YSA

The Gitananda Traditon mentions 120 Pranayamas, all of which will be discussed however please note not all will be practiced as many require years of foundational work and should only be practiced in an ashram setting or with a strict yogic lifestyle, diet etc. due to their intensity.

Course will cover these 10 types of Yoga Pranayamas:

a. Disciplines

b. Corrective

c. Prana dhautis / cleansers

d. Cooling

e. Heating

f. Sound breaths

g. Prana kriyas

h. Purifiers

i. Healing breaths

j. Rejuvinators

The advanced year two Practices cover a further 36 Pranayamas from the Samyama and Shakti Pranayama groups.

This course will be lead in stages and it will be possible to take only the first part of the course if you wish, but you will not be able to select the other parts without completing the previous ones:

Year 1

·  Level 1: on line (= 100hrs Certification)

·  Level 2: A 14 day Residential stay at Ashram (= 200hrs Certification)

Year 2 (optional):

·  Level 3: 2ndyear continuing on line (= 300hrs Certification)

·  Level 4: 21 day residential stay at Ashram at the close of the 2ndyear (= 500hrs complete Gitananda Pranayama Teacher certification)

Typical daily ICYER Ashram residential Schedule:

5:30am Aarti

6am Hatha yoga

8am breakfast

9am Karma Yoga (1hr)

11am Pranayama and Yoga nidra

1pm Lunch

free time

4pm Yoga Chikitsa or Pranayama theory and practice with Dr Ananda

6pm Supper

7pm Satsanaga with Dr Ananda

8:30pm close practice mauna (silence)

Variations in program: Visits to CYTER and local Temple excursion

11am class may be with Dr Ananda on some days.

Class and Pranayama type


Note some of these will be studied only, others will be practiced on line and some will only be practiced in the Ashram during face to face, residential training.

*Likely to be taught in person only


The classifications of Yoga Pranayamas

Group a:


1 Adham Pranayama

Hathenas for lower lobes of the lung

2 Madhyam Pranayama

Hathenas for intercostal region of the lungs

3 Adhyam Pranayama

Hathenas for clavicular upper lobes

4 Vibhaga Pranayama

Hathenas for complete breathing

5 Dirgha Pranayama

6 Sukshma Pranayama

7 Sama Vritta Pranayama

8 Asama Vritta Pranayama

9 Visama Vritti Pranayama

10 Pradakshina Pranayama

11 Loma-Viloma Pranayama

12 Mahat Yoga Pranayama

13 Sukkha Pranayama

14 Swasa-Praswasa Pranayama*

15 Sukkha Purvaka Pranayama

16 Kumbhaka Pranayama

17 Abhyantara Pranayama*

18 Puma Pranayama*

19 Shunyaka Pranayama*

20 Bhaya Pranayama*

21 Pratiloma Pranayama*

22 Apana-Pranayama*

23 Sahaja Pranayama*

24 Kevela Kumbhaka Pranayama*

Group b:


25 Parshuka Pranayama

26 Srayuvristri Pranayama

27 Vyagrah Pranayama

Group c:

Prana Dhautis

28 Bhastrika Pranayama

29 Pancha Bhastrika*

30 Nau Bhastrika*

31 Bhastrika Saucha Pranayama*

32 Pracch’hardana Pranayama*

33 Anunasika Bhastrika

34 Mukha Bhastrika

35 Nasarga Mukha Bhastrika

36 Karnamala Dhauti*

37 Netra Bhastrika*

38 Nabhi Bhastrika*

39 Mula Bhastrika*

40 Kapalabhati

Group d:


41 Sheeta Pranayama

42 Chandra Nadi Pranayama

43 Shetali Pranayama

Group e:


44 Sitkari Pranayama

45 Mathangi Pranayama

46 Kavi Pranayama

47 Agni Prnayama*

48 Suriya Nadi Pranayama

Group f:

Sound breaths

49 Swara Pranayama

50 Bhramara

51 Bhramari

52 Kaki Pranayama

53 Kaka Pranayama

54 Kukriya Pranayama

55 Bhujangini Mudra Pranayama

56 Simha Pranayama

57 Marjariya Pranayama

58 Malla Kriya

59 Thaan Kriya*

60 Ha-Thaan Pranayama*

61 Om Pranayama

Group G:

Prana Kriyas

62 Ghatashta Pranayama*

63 Uddiyana Pranayama

64 Nauli Pranayama

Group H:


65 Nadi Shoddhana

66 Nadi Shuddhi

67 Agarbha Pranayama*

68 Akash Shuddhi*

69 Vayu Shuddhi*

70 Agni Shuddhi*

71 Apas Shuddhi*

72 Pritvi Shuddhi*

73 Sagarbha Pranayama*

74 Nigarbha Pranayama*

75 Samanu Pranayama*

76 Nirmanu Pranayama*

77 Bhuta Shuddhi Pranayama*

Group I:

Healing breaths

78 Kushala Pranayama

79 Mastitashkautrija Pranayama*

80 Brahmapura Pranayama*

81 Naga Pranayama*

82 Pranava Pranayama

Group J:


83 Pancha Sahita Pranayama *

84 Sahita Pranayama *

Year 1 completion

Residential intensive at ICYER or YSA (2 weeks)

Year 2 introduction

Samyama Pranayamas

85 Aloma- viloma Pranayama

86 Savitri Pranayama

87 Savitre Pranayama

88 Savitra Pranayama

89 Savituh Pranayama

90 Anu loma viloma Pranayama

91 Murccha Pranayama

92 Gada Pranayama*

93 Stambhavrithi Pranayama*

94 Plavini Pranayama

95 Plavini mudra*

96 Shanmukha Pranayama

97 Yoni mudra Pranayama

98 Anna-Apana-sati

99 Swasha Praswasha

100 Prana-Apana Pranayama

101 Shat Chakra Pranayama

Shakti Pranayamas

102 Nado-Dolyati Pranayama*

103 Chandra Pranayama

104 Surya Pranayama

105 Ida-Shakti Pranayama*

106 Pingala Pranayama

107 Paryayanasarandhra Pranayama*

108 Surya-Chandra Pranayama

109 Ida Pingala Pranayama

110 Sushumna Pranayama

111 Ujjaya Pranayama

112 Surya Bedana Pranayama

113 Chandra Bedana Pranayama

114 Pancha Prana Japa*

115 Pancha Prana Japa

116 Pancha Vayu Pranayama

117 Nagadi Pranayama *

118 Pancha Sara Pranayama*

119 Pancha Bhuta Pranayama*

120 Laya Pranayama*

General Discussion on 8 classical Pranayamas from HYP


21 day residential intensive at ICYER


Year 1 / On line level 1 (100hrs):

£65 per month

Deposit £200

Note: Indian students living in India will pay Rupees rate direct to Dr Ananda, please contact me for more details on the payment plan.

Level 2 (200hrs):

2 week residential visit to ICYER India £1200 includes food accommodation and training but NOT including flight.

or to stay at Ashram in Wales UK £1500

Proposed date of visit to ICYER: year 1 August/September 2022 dates to be confirmed

Level 3 / 2nd year online (300hrs):

Year 2: Same monthly payment coninue online for further 1-year

£65 per month

(or Indian rate)

Level 4 (500hrs):

Extended visit to ICYER (21 days) £1700 including food and accommodation.

or Wales Ashram £2000

please note of your a resident in India or other parts of the world you can contact me for prices for your country.

When do we start?

Note: timings stated are UK GMT

·  Starting January 2nd Sunday 9:30am – 5pm

·  Every Sunday 2:30pm – 3:30pm (optional to attend live, these classes will run for 28 weeks over the year)

·  2-week residential dates to be confirmed

Level 1 Dates:

Sundays 9am – 5pm (On line)

1. January 2nd2022

2. February 6th

3. March 6th

4. April 10th

5. May 1st

6. June 12th

7. July 3rd

8. August 7th

9. September 4th

10.October 2nd

11.November 6th

12.December 4th

Level 2 Dates:


28thNovember – 11thDecember

2ndYear (2023)

To be confirmed continue with (usually but not always) first Sunday of each month.

21 Day residential dates to be confirmed at the start of the 2ndyear.

Please note if your unable for any reason to attend any of the residential courses you can still study with us on line for the 2-years and get a 200hours on line Pranayama Certificate.

If you are intersted in a place please rspv to this event :) After this I will be in touch once we reach our minimum participant level to take your deposit.

Om shanti shanti shanti Om


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