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Thu, 19 May


Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Wales

Sanatan Yoga Sadhana course 52 weeks

100 hours

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Sanatan Yoga Sadhana course 52 weeks
Sanatan Yoga Sadhana course 52 weeks

Time & Location

19 May 2022, 09:30 – 18 May 2023, 11:30

Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Wales, Ardwyn Grange, Login, Whitland SA34 0UY, UK

About the event

100 Hours / One Year Sanatan Yoga Sadhana Course

52 Week Yoga Life and Hatha Yoga, Pranayama & Yoga Nidra Sadhana (100hrs )

What is Included in the course?- Each week you will receive 1 hour Hatha Yoga, pranayama, and yoga Nidra lessons based on various ancient and modern yoga, health and wellness concepts, a short, guided meditation and satsanga or talk on each topic described below as part of understanding and living yogic life.

Who is Yoga Sadhana Course for? Anyone seeking to learn and practice some of the ancient classical Santana Hatha yoga practices for self-development and enhancing yoga teaching skills.

What level of Hatha Yoga do I need to be? – lessons will be fine balanced from preparatory, beginners, Intermediate and advance, so all levels welcome

Do I need to be a Yoga Teacher? No, anyone interested in learning classical Hatha yoga practices are welcome to join.

Will I get a Certificate? Yes, it will be yoga alliance professionals registered CPD certification

What are the Costs? £50 per month in person, (concessions available if needed). If you already attend regular classes here this will be included for an extra £10 only (£60 total per month).

Who are the Yoga Teachers? This Course will be taught primarily by Yogachariya Jnandev, supported by Yogacharini Deepika and some lessons of blessings by our Guru Yogachariya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani.

How this Yoga Sadhana Course will be Delivered? There will be once a week, Thursday Morning 9:30 to 11AM zoom meeting as well as recordings will available to follow for ones unable to join live sessions.

Please note – over school holidays classes may be delivered via Zoom.

How Much Time Would I Need? In ideal world an hour every day as part of your personal sadhana, but as we say, “do your best and leave the rest”. So, it is recommended to follow the practices several times every week for full benefits and experience.

Hatha Yoga Lessons (Sequence of lessons may change, this is just a guideline)

1. To develop awareness, jattis, and Kriyas l-1 (gentle)

2. To develop awareness, jattis, and Kriyas l-2 (intermediate)

3. To develop awareness, jattis, and Kriyas l-3 (advance)

4. Spanda-nispanda (Action-Relaxation ) Kriyas

5. Hatha Yoga for healthy respiration

6. Hatha Yoga for Polarity L-1

7. Hatha Yoga for Polarity L-2

8. Hatha Yoga for three major Nadis -l 1

9. Hatha Yoga for three major Nadis -l 1

10. Hatha Yoga for Pancha Prana Vayus L-1

11. Hatha Yoga for Pancha Prana Vayus L-2

12. Surya Namaskar Sadhana l-1

13. Surya Namaskar Sadhana l-2

14. Surya Namaskar Sadhana l-3

15. Hatha Yoga for Cleansing

16. Hatha Yoga for peripheral nervous system

17. Hatha Yoga for digestive Health

18. Hatha Yoga for pelvic health

19. Hatha Yoga for body immunity

20. Hatha Yoga for healthy back

21. Hatha Yoga for healthy Neck and shoulders

22. Hatha Yoga to release traumas

23. Hatha Yoga for Panchakosha

24. Hatha Yoga for Kundalini and Chakras L-1

25. Hatha Yoga for Kundalini and Chakras L-2

26. Hatha Yoga for Kundalini and Chakras L-3

27. Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Vyayama L-1

28. Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Vyayama L-2

29. Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga Vyayama L-3

30. Hatha Yoga for Balance

31. Hatha Yoga for vitality

32. Rajakapotasana Series

33. Chakras Series

34. Navasana Series

35. Sarvanga and Halasana Series

36. Sirshasana Series

37. Hatha Yoga for strength, courage and inner tranquility

38. Kshatriyas Kriyas -warrior sequence and mudras

39. Twists or Vakra Asana Series

40. Aruna Surya Namaskar Vinyasa

41. Rishikesh Surya Namaskar Vinyasa

42. Naada Hatha Yoga l-1

43. Naada Hatha Yoga l-2

44. Naada Hatha Yoga l-3

45. Rishikesh Vinyasa 1

46. Rishikesh Vinyasa 2

47. Rishikesh Vinyasa 3

48. Rishikesh Vinyasa 4

49. Hand Balance Group of Asanas l-1

50. Hand Balance Group of Asanas l-2

51. Vajroli Group of Asanas

52. Sthiram Sukham Asanam

Yogic Life Lessons

1. Yoga as Life Style

2. Living Mindfully for Health and Happiness

3. Finding Balance in Life

4. Learn to Breath Properly

5. Yogic Breathing

6. Eat Healthy – Live Healthy

7. Tools for Mental and Emotional Well-Being

8. Fresh Fruits, Vegetables and Sprouts for Body, Mind and Soul

9. Satsanga and Samaskaras for Evolution

10. Find time to Meditate daily

11. Fasting and Mauna or Silence to help transform your life

12. Relaxation for boosting your immunity and mental clarity

13. Discipline Key to Success in Life

14. Yoga Skill in Action

15. Our Universe is manifestation of our own mind

16. Learn to Act and Never to React

17. Shitala Jala (cool water)– Water for cleansing, prana, and hydration

18. Balanced diet for complete nutrition

19. You are what you eat.

20. You become what you think

21. Ahimsa – Be the Love, Lover and Beloved

22. Satya – Live Authenticity, Simplicity and Oneness

23. Aparigraha – Non-accumulation and Letting go

24. Obstacles in Life and their remedies

25. Yoga is to Understand our Mind and Emotions

26. Yoga as Inner Management and reorganisation of Self

27. Two Yoga Paths – Bahiranga and Antaranga Marga

28. Which Path to follow: Karma or Sannyama

29. Jnana Yoga – Knowing the Absolute Consciousness

30. Health and Happiness – Our Birth right

31. Shaucha to remove toxicity

32. Yamas to remove ethical, moral, mental, emotional and behavioural problems

33. Asana to master our body, mind and prana

34. Kriyas to remove physical, mental and emotional blockages

35. Pranayama to balance and enhance energy

36. Life is Divine Blessing, live it with love, grace and gratitude

37. Duality and Non-Duality

38. Purusha and Parmatman

39. Learn to Make Conscious Choices and BE Responsible

40. What we Sow, so shall we reap

41. Do Your Best and Leave the Rest

42. Abhyasa- Regular Practice for Success

43. Vairajna for Freedom

44. Living Virtuously is door to abundance of love and joyfulness

45. Self-Enquiry- ‘Koham’

46. What is more important –“enquiry or answer”?

47. Our Body- Our Temple

48. Our thoughts are our Prayers

49. Adhi-Vhyadhi or Psycho-Somatic (Mind-Body)

50. Adhyatma – Spirituality to Live, Love and Grow

51. Gratitude is the Highest Attitude

52. Atma-Jnana or Self-realisation as ultimate Goal

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