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Fri, 29 Dec


ICYER at Ananda Ashram

Yoga Chikitsa (Therapy) hybrid course (Level 1)

Residential intensive at ICYER India, with live online preparation meetings

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Yoga Chikitsa (Therapy) hybrid course (Level 1)
Yoga Chikitsa (Therapy) hybrid course (Level 1)

Time & Location

29 Dec 2023, 17:00 – 17 Jan 2024, 21:00

ICYER at Ananda Ashram, Mettu Street, 605104,, Chinamudaliar Chavadi, Tamil Nadu 605101, India

About the event

Level 2. Yoga Chiktisha Online and Residential Teacher Training 23-24 Online Meeting Dates:- October 28th 2023November 11th, and 25th 2023December 2nd, 16th, and 30th 2023 January 13th and 27th 2024 February 3rd, 10th and 24th 2024March 2nd, 16th and 30th 2024 Residential at Ananda Ashram Puducherry – 29th December 2023 to 17th January 2024 Course Tutors *Guide, Mentor and Guru- Yogachariya Dr Ananda BalaYogi Bhavanani Ji*Yoga Teacher, Organiser, Facilitator – Yogachariya Jnandev Giri*Sanskrit, Naada and Bhajans -Yogacharini Devasena Bhavanani Ji *Yoga Therapist and Consultation- Dr Meena, Dr Balaji and Sri G DayanidyaAims and Objectives:- *This Sadhana program will take you through some of the therapeutic Rishiculture Gitananda Yoga practices for your own healing and spiritual development*To learn and experience Yogic therapeutic tools for our body, mind, psychic energy and karmic energy to heal ourselves and further share these tools with your students and Yoga therapy seekers. *Developing further Yoga teaching, and Yoga therapy skills. *Learning how to use Yogic ideas and principles as part of lifestyle changes and counseling for yourselves and your students. Who this course is for:-

  • Yoga teachers and health professionals
  • Yoga seekers interested in personal healing and spiritual development
  • Interested in learning and practising traditional Gitananda Yoga Therapeutic Practices.


  • Qualified Yoga Teacher in Gitananda Tradition at Ananda Ashram, Puducherry or trained under Senior Gitananda Yoga Mentors.
  • Step By Step Course or other qualifications under guidance of Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani or Senior Gitananda Yoga Mentors.

Therapeutic Hatha Yoga : 6 to 8AM (morning Aarati, guided meditation, Hatha Yoga and relaxation practices with Jnandev

Yoga Chikitsha (Therapeutic Yoga Training and Sadhana) Course Outline

Residential @ Ananda Ashram Puducherry 29th December 2023 to 17th January 2024 Arrival -29th December 2023Depart 17th January 2024Fees: 2200 Euros (ashram accommodation, tuition, course material, certification, food included) What’s not included: Air travel and taxi to ashram and returns, day trips or excursions 200 Hours Online with 200 Hours Residential Yoga Chikitsha Program at Ananda Ashram (Assistant Yoga Therapist) What Program Includes:-Studying the concepts and principles from Yogic and Hindu Scriptures.-Correlating or understanding these concepts and principles in context with modern Science.-Learning to use these tools and principles to develop yogic diagnosis and therapeutic protocols-learning yogic kriyas, Prakriyas and their applications in context with each module. Module 1 Aim – Understanding Yoga, Yoga Chikitisha, Swasthya and Concepts of Roga or Disease. Lesson 1. Yogic and ayurvedic concepts of disease (roga)Lesson-2. Swasthya – Holistic health Lesson 3: Holistic Health management through YogaLesson 4: Ashtanga Yoga or Yoga of Eight Limbs Lesson 5. Therapeutic Hatha Yoga Kriyas and Prakriyas Module 2. Mental Health and Yoga Chiktisha Lesson 1. Pancha-Vrittis:- Five Types of Whirlpools of MindLesson 2. Kleshas: – the main causes of sufferingLesson 3. Obstacles in Yogic EvolutionLesson 4. Five States of MindLesson 5. Hatha Yoga for Self Healing Lesson 6. Therapeutic Hatha Yoga Practices Module 3. Key Models of Yoga Chiktisha in Gitananda Yoga. Lesson 1. Key Models of Yoga Chiktisha in Gitananda Yoga Introduction 1. Symptomatic or Instant Relief and Healing or Short term plan.2. Adhij-Vyadhij (Psycho-somatic) and Vyadhij-Adhij (Somato-Psychic). 3. Spanda-Nispanda (Stress-relaxation) Yoga Nidra and Yogic Visualizations.4. Pancha Kosha (five body system). 5. Prana Vayus (subtle energy currents). 6. Tri-Dosha. 7. Tri-Guna.8. Yogic Mind and Life Management (Yoga Darshana) 9. Swaras Yoga and Yoga Chikitsha10.Kundalini and Chakras. Lesson 2. Therapeutic Practices Module 4. The 12 Point Yogic DiagnosisLesson 1. The 12 Point Yogic diagnostic Tools introduction Lesson 2. Simple Ayurveda to Assist Yoga Therapy (Doshas and Gunas)Lesson 3. Tri-dosha: Three Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)Lesson 4. Three Gunas and Cultivation of Health and Well-beingLesson 5. Vasanas – Past Impressions and Deep-Rooted DesiresLesson 6. Prana Vayus and Life Energy Lesson 7. Abhyasa Karma and Samaskaras – Deep rooted behaviour patterns and HabitsLesson 8. Jiva Karma – Lifestyle Lesson 9. Chetana, Yogic Psychology and mental health Lesson 10. Vacha or Speech Lesson 11. Ahara – food and eating habits Lesson 12. Buddhi, Intellect, attitude and life values Lesson 13. Sankalpa – Goals, Dreams and Life visionLesson 14. Jiva-Vritti – Biological life patterns

Certification- Ananda Ashram, ICYER, India Gurukula UK & Portugal Indian Yoga Association Yoga Alliance Professionals UK Investment in your Sadhana and Teachings Skills:- 3 weeks of time wholeheartedly 2200 Euros (all teachings, course materials, certification, meals and accommodation included) (500 Euros Deposit and rest to be paid before arrival) Your flights, day trips, sightseeing, airport transfers are not included in this price. Note: This is a guideline and there will be so much more we will be learning and practicing together.

  • There will include once a week Yoga therapy department visits under guidance of Dr Anandaji
  • One daily lesson with Yogacharya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani Ji, who is worldly renounced Yoga Master, Researcher, Guide, Author and Living Yoga by Examples.
  • Special Bhajan Evenings with Yogacharini Devasena Ji
  • There will be more guest teachers and lectures
  • We will visit Sri Kambaliswamy Madam, Sacred Samadhi Site of the Gurus to experience the traditional ashram ceremonies
  • We will organise sightseeing on day offs to visit local places
  • Activated Yogic diet and opportunity to learn Indian cooking.

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