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Sun, 21 Jun


Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Wales

Yoga Therapy 200 hours CPD online

Teaming up with our own teacher Dr Ananda Bhavanani to create this wonderful online Yoga Therapy course for yoga teachers 200 hours YAP accredited. This is a 1-year course

Registration is Closed
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Yoga Therapy 200 hours CPD online
Yoga Therapy 200 hours CPD online

Time & Location

21 Jun 2020, 15:30 – 17:00

Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Wales, Ardwyn Grange, Login, Whitland SA34 0UY, UK

About the event

Yoga Therapy CPD Course 200 hours

(YAP accredited - terms apply)

Start Date:  June 21st2020 to June 27th2021

IMPORTANT NOTE: to attend this course you will need to join our online learning platform:


Each Module contains:

-Theory  -Hatha Yoga and Therapeutic applications  -Pranayamas  -Postural adjustments -Relaxation techniques and guided meditations -Mantra Chanting and Bhajans  -Spiritual Counselling or Applied Yogic Principles and Practices   Commitments from You:

Regular study (including your own research, course content, videos and live streams)

Attend video meetings Sundays weekly Teaching application and casework.

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at already qualified yoga teachers looking to develop their knowledge and understanding of using Yoga as a therapy and deepen their understanding of the applications of hatha yoga, raja yoga philosophy and yogic lifestyle for improving holistic health and wellbeing. This course would also be helpful for those working in the medical field, or in alternative therapies. Please note if you are not a qualified yoga teacher already you could still take this course however certification under YAP is only offered if you are a established yoga practitioner. This course would still be great for personal development too!

Course structure / Layout:

Weekly live classes for 48 weeks:

2 hrs Sundays 3pm or 3:30pm – 5pm

plus pre recorded weekly classes

1. Applied philosophy 2. Discussion on therapeutic applications of practices 3. Applied Hatha Yoga Practices (asanas, kriyas, mudras, pranayama, relaxation techniques, guided meditations)

4. Medical theory

5. Anatomy and physiology


This first course will be 12 x monthly donation’s only in this challenging time, our guest teachers have graciously also donated their time for this project we are grateful to all of them! Donations will be spent giving back to our roots ICYER, India and growing, supporting and developing this course at Yoga Satsanga Ashram.

This course is a 200hours Yoga Therapy YAP accredited course. For a 300 hours Yoga Therapy (for those who are not already a qualified yoga teacher) qualification will need to attend 12 day intensive residential (additional 100 hours) following this course.


Yogachariya Jnandev (main teacher registered SYT) presenting Practices and yogic theory

Yogacharini Deepika (registered SYT) presenting practices and yogic theory

Dr Catherine Jenkins (GP) presenting medical theory

Jyoti Vora (physiotherapist) presenting Anatomy and physiology

Special guest teacher sessions with: Yogachariya Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani Yoga Therapist worldwide expert

Special guest teacher sessions with Yogacharini Anandhi on yogic diet

Module 1

Theory   What is yoga? What is yoga therapy? Concepts and principles of yoga therapy Adhi-vyadhi

Practices   Isometric kriyas 1 Isometric Kriyas 2 Back walk and foot walk  Hatha yoga for a healthy spine

Medical theory

Anatomy and pathophysiology of the spine

Holistic aspects of back pain and introducing medical terminology and the concept of ‘trauma’

The Therapeutic relationship

Module 2

Theory   Holistic Health and wellness  Spanda-nishpanda Pancha Bhutas (five elements) Tri gunas

Practices   Hatha Yoga for General Health  Postures, Mudra, Pranayamas and Visualisations for Jala, Agni and Vayu Postures, mudra, Pranayamas and Visualisations for Prathvi and Akaasha Isometric Chair Exercises -1

Medical theory

Physiological aspects of stress and the parasympathetic nervous system

Codes of Practice and an ethical framework as applied to therapy

Module 3

Theory   Panch koshas  Pancha pranas Nadis Swaras

Practices  Kriyas Pranayama, Mantra and Visualisations for Pancha Kosha Asana, Kriyas, Mudra, Mantra and Visualisations for Pancha Prana Hatha Yoga Kriyas and Visualisations for activation, cleansing and balancing

Yogic diet for enhancing prana

Medical theory

Hormones and endocrine pathology

Communication skills – active listening and communicating health

Module 4

Theory   Chakras Mooladhara and Swadhistana Manipura and Anahata Vishuddha and Ajna

Practices   Asanas, Kriyas, Mantra and Visualisations for Chakras Asanas, Kriyas, Mantra and Visualisations for Mooladhara and Swadhisthana Asanas, Kriyas, Mantra and Visualisations for Manipura and Anahata Asanas, Kriyas, Mantra and Visualisations for Vishuddha and Ajna

Medical theory

Respiratory physiology and common respiratory problems

Devising management plans and protocols

Module 5

Theory   Sahasrara and Bindhus Yamas - moral counselling Ethical well-being Auryeveda simplified

Practices    Asanas, Kriyas, Mantra and Visualisations for Sahasrara and Bindus Chair Yoga - Isometric exercise 2  Sukshama Vyayama 1 Sukshma Vyama Chair Yoga

Medical theory

Anxiety and depression and other psychological presentations

Managing complexity

Module 6

Theory   Karma and Dharma Samskaras and epigenetics Ahara- Vihara Mitahara

Yogic diet for good digestion

Practices    Sukshma Vyayama 2  Sukshma Vyayama Chair Yoga 2 Nadi Shathilya Kriyas - for lower back, hips, and legs Brahma Mudras and Prana Mudras

Medical theory

The digestive system anatomy and patho-physiology

Integrative and complementary medicine the interface with the NHS

Module 7

Theory   Dharna and Dhyana  Samadhi and attainment of Highest Potential and wellness Nutritional Diet and healing  Therapeutic applications of Swara yoga Practices.

Practices  Enhancing sexual health in men through Yoga Enhancing sexual health in women through Yoga Yoga for managing Thyroid issues Yoga for managing arthritis

Medical theory

Cell biology, cancer and the immune system

Evidence based medicine and critical evaluation of research

Module 8

Theory   Nutritional diet Abhyasa - Vairajna Hatha yoga and therapy  Pranayama and therapy

Practices    Hatha Yoga for a healthy Back  Hatha Yoga for healthy Shoulders  Hatha Yoga for Shoulders Chair Yoga Nada Yoga 1

Medical theory

The cardiovascular system, hypertension, diabetes and chronic disease

Motivational interviewing and promoting a healthy lifestyle

Module 9

Theory  Samayama and therapy Pratyahara and therapy Mudras Yoga Scriptures and Spiritual Counselling

Yogic fasting

Practices   Yoga and holistic management of Stress Yoga and holistic management of Anxiety Yoga and holistic management of depression  Yoga and holistic management of Trauma

Medical theory

Neuroanatomy and physiology, neuroplasticity and common neurological presentations

Organisation and record keeping

Module 10

Theory   Yoga Vashistha  Upanishads Yoga Sutras chapter 1 and 2 Yoga Sutras chapter 3 and 4

Practices   Yogic Management of high Blood pressure  Yogic Management of Diabetes (type 2) Yogic Management of Digestive health Yogic Management for Sinusitis

Medical theory

The musculoskeletal system, joint conditions and chronic pain

Case studies and discussion

Module 11

Theory :-   Kriya yoga Self enquiry Bhakti yoga Mantra yoga

Practices   Yoga for healthy Hips Yoga for managing Lymphatic Health Yoga for managing Sciatica Yoga for enhancing and improving sleep

Medical theory

Anatomy of the ear nose and sinuses and common conditions

Emergency situations, health and safety and practical issues

Module 12  Completion  - student’s presentations for certification

Approximate breakdown of teaching hours over the year:

Live stream:

22 hours with Yogachariya Dr Ananda Bhavanani

72 hours with Yogachariya Jnandev and/or Yogacharini Deepika

Pre recorded:

10 hours with Dr Ananda Bhavanani

72 hours with Deepika and Jnandev

4 hours with Yogacharini Anandhi

20 hours with Dr Catherine Jenkins

5 hours with Jyothi Vora

Total hours contact with YAP registered SYTs =144

Total contact hours with guest teachers = 61

How will the course be presented?

Completely online:

· Pre recorded videos

· Text to read over from website (private/membership only link)

· Monthly video sessions with several of the teachers (either a presentation or question and answer session, recording will be available if your unable to make the live meetings)

Live stream meeting dates:

Note: Weekly meetings will be at 3:30pm – 5pm UK time, except for sessions with Dr Ananda which will start at 3pm.

1) June 21stwith Jnandev and Deepika

2) June 28thwith Deepika and Jnandev

3) July 5thwith Dr Ananda Bhavanani

4) July 12thwith Jnandev and Deepika

5) July 19thJnandev and Deepika

6) July 26thwith Jnandev and Deepika

7) August 2ndwith Dr Ananda Bhavanani

8) August 9thwith Jnandev and Deepika

(Two weeks break)

9) September 6thwith Dr Ananda Bhavanani

10) September 13thwith Jnandev and Deepika

11) September 20thwith Jnandev and Deepika

12) September 27thwith Jnandev and Deepika

13) October 4thwith Dr Ananda Bhavanani

14) October 11thwith Jnandev and Deepika

15) October 18thwith Jnandev and Deepika

16) October 25thwith Jnandev and Deepika

17) November 1stwith Dr Ananda Bhavanani

18) November 8thwith Jnandev and Deepika

19) November 15thwith Jnandev and Deepika

20) November 22ndwith Jnandev and Deepika

21) November 29thwith Jnandev and Deepika

22) December 6thwith Dr Ananda Bhavanani

23) December 13thwith Jnandev and Deepika

(Two weeks break)

24) January 3rd2021 with Dr Ananda Bhavanani

25) January 10thwith Jnandev and Deepika

26) January 17thwith Jnandev and Deepika

27) January 24thwith Jnandev and Deepika

28) January 31stwith Jnandev Deepika

29) February 7thwith Dr Ananda Bhavanani

30) February 14thwith Deepika and Jnandev

31) February 21stwith Jnandev and Deepika

32) February 28thwith Jnandev and Deepika

33) March 7thwith Dr Ananda Bhavanani

34) March 14thwith Jnandev and Deepika

35) March 21stwith Jnandev and Deepika

36) March 28thwith Jnandev and Deepika

37) April 4thwith Dr Ananda Bhavanani

1 week break

38) April 18thwith Jnandev and Deepika

39) April 25thwith Jnandev and Deepika

40) May 2ndwith Dr Ananda Bhavanani

41) May 9thwith Jnandev and Deepika

42) May 16thwith Jnandev and Deepika

43) May 23rdwith Jnandev and Deepika

44) May 30thwith Jnandev and Deepika

45) June 6thwith Dr Ananda Bhavanani

46) June 13thwith Jnandev and Deepika

47) June 20thwith Jnandev and Deepika

48) June 27thcourse closing session

The course material will be accessed via www.learningyoga.onlineso please become a member of this site to make a start and email us that you would like a place on the course ashram

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