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9 Day holistic Yoga Program (15 mins per day)

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A 9-Day Program to Re-balance and rejuvenate. Day 1 – New beginnings – Mooladhara chakra Cleansing Drinking water Cleansing breaths, bhastrikas Suriya Namaskars NOTE: Its recommended to repeat this first video every day as the starter practice and then move onto the next day (whichever day you are on) deepen your practice. Day 2 – connection (with self and others) – Swadhistana Breathe well Open the lungs Day 3 – Creativity – Manipura Body tapping Stretch and breath balance the nervous system Right nostril breathing Day 4 – testing – Anahata Stamina Holding standing asanas Day 5 – transformation - Vishuddha Kriyas Nada Yoga Visualisations Day 6 – responsibility - Agna Energetic balancing sequence Loma viloma Day 7 – inward reflection – Swadistana Mantra, intention, affirmation Gyatri mantra Left nostril breathing Day 8 – blossoming – Trikuthi Stability Kshatrian Kriyas Chatus pada sequences Anjali mudra practices Day 9 - Completion - higher chakras Blend of all the above practices Both nostril breathing

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