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Chair Yoga to Improve Mobility and Well-being

This set is specially beneficial to activate our neuro-muscular system. This creates many new connections in our brain. For every movement or change in our body, our brain sends a message to all the concerned parts of our body. Which releases some chemicals or hormones to stimulate our cells and muscles to produce the action. Lets say if you are feeling excited for something, you brain will send a message to your heart, lungs, digestive system and muscles to create the experience. In this process plenty of endomorphines- feel good hormones as well as adrenaline will be pumped into blood stream to change all the physiological activities in our body.

It does the same when you going through any pain or discomfort in your body. It has to release some chemicals to produce to kind of electro-magnetic force which may be fraction of milli-amps to trigger our nerve endings to enable our brain to recognize this pain or discomfort. Then our brain follows the process to either heal it if possible or find a way to compensate or re-adjust in one or other ways to keep living as long as long possible for the body and mind. In long term our brain can block some of its part to ignore the pain or discomfort and stop using those muscles or cells and find its way around it. This is how lots of people these day can live with chronic muscles, joints or limb problems in some ways.

Once we stop using some of the muscles in our body, they gradually becomes weaker and weaker. This also leads our brain to disconnect communication with them. It a simple idea- “we loose the muscles if don’t use them”. I have seen some very strong people in one area and weak in other. In yoga some one can Sirshasana so easy but may struggle with Navasana. This is a big issue with people living with physical and mental limitations as they find very hard to find some simple exercises to work on their muscles and limbs.

If some one is in wheel chair and cant stand up, they can still do plenty of yoga and strengthen rest of their body and muscles. This gradually enables them to feel more confident and positive about themselves as well as bringing more and more mobility in their limbs. This also creates new connections in our brain as it start connecting back to muscles and limbs being left or ignored from any form or exercise of movement.

Hatha Yoga Kriyas provide us tools for any one seeking for health and well being of their body and mind, regardless of their abilities and limitations. That is one of the most beautiful approach of Sanatan Yoga followers. Hatha has it’s wide range of tools as follows-

Jattis- Gentle loosening up -un-stractured movements.

Kriya- Body movements with breath and awareness.

Asana- Static Postures to channel our subtle energies (Prana).

Mudras- Hand or body gestures to stimulate our neuro-endocrine-nari-chakra system.

Pranayama- Breath or energy work to enhance prana.

Jnana Yoga Kriyas- To refine our body, mind and intellect.

Yogic Life style- moral and ethical approach of holistic and mindful living.

Yogic Diet.

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