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Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Yoga and Health Benefits for a Child

· Physical Health

· Flexibility, Mobility and coordination

· Endurance and Capacity

· Stability and Concentration

· Mental and Emotional balance

· Will power, Self-confidence and Enthusiasm

· Discipline

· Moral and Ethical Values

· Self-respect and caring

· Holistic Health and Well Being

Physical Strength- In young kids lots of behavior problems are rooted in weak body. If we want to have a healthy and ethical society, first key element will be healthy and strong physique. Swamiji Dr Gitananda that yoga is path for strong and brave people. This also means that the only strong people can follow the holistic life style. Regular practice of hatha-yoga or posture work will strengthen the body. It helps strengthen muscles, joints, bones and inner organs. All the advance postures and kriyas gradually lead can lead a young yogi or yogini to become strong.

Flexibility, Mobility and Coordination- Stiffness caused due to diet, unhealthy life style, lack of proper exercisegradually results in tensed muscles, stiff joints, lack of flexibility, lack of stability or steadiness, coordination of limbs and body parts. Yoga can help preventing or curing the stiffness, bring flexibility, mobility and coordination. Teaching plenty of kriya work with breath and sound will also help young kids to enjoy and find the coordination. Yoga will benefit in improving flexibility, mobility, and healthy muscle and joints.

Endurance and Capacity- Our young generation needs to have endurance, and capacity to deal with physical, mental and emotional strains and pressure they have to go through. Yoga will help preparing their muscular and organ strength as well as their capability to deal with all the challenges. Yoga balances the hormones and autonomic nervous system.

Stability and Concentration-In our day to day tasks it very important to be focused and stable in things we are engaged or doing. If a child in unstable or unable to focus is going to struggle in day to day education and learning activities. This will gradually build the pressure and cause more serious mental and emotional problems in a child. Regular Asana and pranayama practice will help improving stability and concentration in young children and hence yoga can be very helpful in preventing many behavior problems.

Mental and Emotional Balance-All the pressure and competition in our modern life style causes mental and emotional imbalance and it disturbs kid’s day to day behavior. Yoga also prepares and balances mental and emotional behaviors through strengthening and empowering their body, mind and soul.

Will power, Self-confidence and Enthusiasm- As yoga offers a wide range of practices to each and every level and hence every can appreciate and enjoy as well as everyone can be encouraged and motivated furthermore to gradually help them improve their control and mastery on body. This improves self-confidence, will power and enthusiasm for doing things and accepting challenges.

Discipline- In yoga it is said that discipline is only path to freedom and success. Weaknesses, lack of stability, fear, etc. cause the irritation, anger and agitation which results into lack of discipline. Yoga empowers self, removes all the weaknesses and fear.

Moral and Ethical Values- Moral and ethical values are one of the key factors for improving our life and establish peace around us. Moral and Ethical education can be initiated to young kids through moral stories from various cultures and life paths.

Self-Respect and Caring- Our new generation also needs to learn to respect and care themselves as well as others. Hatha Yoga and posture work also helps kids to know themselves, appreciate or respect what they do and learn how to look after themselves.

Holistic Health and Well-being- Finally holistic well-being on physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual level can be empowered through yoga.

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