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Nada / Naad Dhyana or Sound Meditation

Naad Dhyana

Dhyana in Yoga means meditation or single-pointed concentration. Dhyana is result of Dharna or concentration practice. Ammaji Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani explains meditation in simple but very beautiful way as “MEDITATION IS TO FOCUS MORE AND MORE ON LESS AND LESS”.

Nada or Naad Dhyana at International Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Portugal
Nada or Naad Dhyana at International Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Portugal

This Naad, or Sound meditation is one of the many unique techniques of concentration and Jnana Yoga Kriyas Swamiji DR Gitananda Giriji taught to many of his students. Our ears receive each and every sound we hear and send this to our brain to analyse and results in our perception or hearing the sound- naad and sabda or words. All different sounds and words are processed in various parts of brain. These sounds also stimulate or vibrate in various energy points (Bindu or Chakras).

By focussing on sounds of nature can help us simply balance our energy, chakras and stimulate our brain. This will empower the Naad Bindu in our brain from where we can access higher sounds or vibrations leading to divine transcendental awareness.

This practice will help rejuvenate your brain, improve quality of sleep, thinking and reasoning. It will improve sense or well being and memory power.

Simply choose one of the comfortable meditative postures. Follow 9 rounds of savirti rhythm pranayama. Now try to listen each and every sound your ears are receiving from all directions in the nature for few minutes. Gradually try to experience where each sound is coming from for few minutes. Finally try to begin with listening the sound from furthest point and gradually focus on nearest sound to your ears or brain.

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