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What are Chatur Dhramas or Ashrams?

What are Chatur Dharmas or Ashrams?

four ashrams or dharmas
Creating space for Yoga is as important as the Yoga practice itself

Hinduism or Vedic culture divides life into four phases, detailing how to live our life to find our real potentiality in each of the stages.

1. Brahmacharya- Ashram this from birth to 25 years where our energy, time and effort should be to learn, practice and master all the life skills to fulfil our Dharma we are meant to achieve in this lifetime.

2. Grihastha Ashram- In this phase we enter into the household where we make a family, fulfil all the material needs of our family and society to your best.

3. Sanyasa Ashram- In this phase from 50 to 75 years we renounce from Grahistha and take responsibility to help younger generations as educators or guides by sharing our life experiences and skills.

4. Vanaprastha Ashram- 75 years onward we renounce entirely and move from social life into solitude to devote life to self-realisation or Samadhi.

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