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What is An Ashram?

What is an Ashram?

The ashram is an institute or home of a Guru or teacher where his or her followers or students can come and live to learn and practice yoga. It was a safe space created to accommodate teachings in Ancient India. Nowadays we relate ashram to a religious yoga, spiritual place or a cult. Initially, Ashrams in India was a Sanskrit term being used for the educational place like modern schools or university.

yoga ashram
Yoga Ashram is place to learn and live yoga under guidance of your guru

We have little ashrams or Yoga Shalas across India from north to south. These places are open for Sadhus, Monks, Yogis or teachers to go and live anytime they need to. Here local villagers and residents will fulfil day to day needs, and in exchange, these masters will pass their yoga vidya to them. Satsang, Kirtans, Hatha Yoga Shala, are some typical examples of ashram events. I have lived as a Natha Sadhu for two plus years and enjoyed my sadhana and teaching.

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